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The Guide To Making Your Own Cat Meme

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Remember seeing “What People Think I Do” memes that went viral couple of years ago? They were a bunch of pictures that poked fun at misconceptions of a profession, hobby, or interest. Memes offer an easy and hilarious way to spread an idea through images, video, or text. So today, we’re going to teach you how to create your own meme.

Cat Lady

Step 1: Who Is It For?

Every meme makes a small group of people feel like they “get it”. That means your meme must be relatable. Since we’re here to talk about cats, where should we start? Perhaps it’s how your cat licks your face, jumps on your lap, or has a certain posture. Chances are you’re not the only one that feels that way, so it’s a good place to start.

You are no match for my power of cuteness

Step 2: Understand The Meme

The next step is to pick the right meme. On the internet, most memes have a nickname. Scumbag Steve, Overly Attached Girlfriend, Ceiling Cat, or Good Guy Greg are such examples. In the image below, a meme called Philosoraptor is used to point out deep existential thoughts that might be contradictory in nature.

If tomatoes are a fruit isn't ketchup technically a smoothie

When it comes to cats memes, there’s a whole list of personalities you can choose from. Happy Cat, Chemistry Cat, OMG Cat, Business Cat, Grumpy Cat, Serious Cat…and list goes on. To get the background story on each one, check out Know Your Meme. Think of it as the Wikipedia of memes on the internet.

Step 3: Choose A Format

As for meme formats, you can choose between photos, videos, or text. In this article we’re focusing on macros as they are easier to create. There are plenty of online generators that get the job done within minutes: Meme Generator, Quick Meme, and Meme Crunch. All you need to do is select an image, enter the text, and save the file to your device. After that you can easily send them to friends or post it on your social accounts.

I love math it makes people cry

So there you have it, a guide to getting started with memes. They’re an integral part of the internet, and can you can start expressing ideas and humor with unlimited creativity. For more tools and resources on memes, here are a few sites you can look into:

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