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meowbox Takes On Europe’s Largest Pet Trade Fair!

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Germany is famous for a number of things—Oktoberfest, schitzel, and its castles, to name a few—but many would not guess that it also hosts the world’s leading pet industry exhibition, Interzoo. Once every two years, pet supply manufacturers, wholesalers and service providers gather from around the globe to browse the most innovative pet products from over 60 countries. Not only did the event provide us with inspiration for meowboxes and shop merchandise, but we also came across tons of items that we were so tempted to take home for our own fur babies!

Here are some of the most ameowzing cat products that were featured in the exhibition this year:

Kattens No. 1 (Denmark)

Katchit (Germany)

Active Cats (Denmark)

Miglio Designs (Poland)


Keksstempel (Germany)

Keksstempel (Germany)

Vita Kraft (Germany)

These are just a few of the items that were showcased - the exhibition as a whole was massive and featured hundreds of cool products that we had never seen in Canada or the US. Our only gripe with the event was that most of the products were for dogs. This aside, we had an awesome time getting ideas for what to include in future meowboxes and on our new web shop!

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