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Debunking 7 Myths of the Modern Cat Mom Lifestyle

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The term “crazy cat lady” is getting thrown around a lot these days. Some cat lovers, including celebrities like Taylor Swift and Katy Perry, are choosing to embrace this stereotype. Others believe that the term is an unfair double-standard and are resisting it. Why are people love cats called “crazy,” while people who love dogs are not?

Lifestyle blogger Andreea Cristina is a prime example of a modern cat mom who doesn’t fit the “crazy cat lady” stereotype. When she isn’t hanging out with her kitties Smushball and Penelope, she is creating content for her fashion and beauty blog and traveling around the world.

How did she end up with two cats? Andreea says Smushball became part of her life because her ex wanted a cat. “[Smushball had to get her leg amputated] because of a bad infection, [and I] got attached to her during the whole rehab process,” Andreea explains. She later welcomed Penelope to the family so that Smushball would have a friend.

We thought that Andreea would be the perfect person to prove those “crazy cat lady”-shamers wrong. And so, with her help, here are seven of the most common myths surrounding cat parents, and why they are 100-puurrcent false:

Your house smells like “cat.”

Lazy day! @smushball is always fierce

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The odour that your houseguests might smell probably isn’t your cat, but the cat litter. In addition to cleaning the litter box regularly, Andreea suggests testing out different litters to find one that doesn’t smell. “I use a great cat litter that is great with odour,” she says. “No one can even tell [where the litter boxes are] or even that I have cats!”

If visitors still complain about the “cat smell”…well, they’ll have to adopt a cat themselves to get accustomed to the scent!

All your clothing and furniture are covered in cat hair.

Wish I was going to #SuperZoo with @smushball and the gang

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Andreea argues that this is not true. “My cats don’t really shed except twice a year when they change their hair. Actually, people [who] are allergic to cats aren’t allergic to my cats.”

How much fur gets on your clothing and furniture really depends on the breed of your cat. If you still refuse to embrace that cat hair life, lint rollers are a cat person’s best friend.

You are stuck at home with the cats and can’t travel.

The truth is, lots of cat owners love to travel and do so regularly. Andreea says she enlists the help of a catsitter when she is away. “We like to call her Auntie Monica,” she says.

No one wants to date you once they find out you have multiple cats.

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“If that’s what’s stopping them [from dating me], then I guess my cats are doing me a favour, but that’s usually not an issue,” Andrea says. Besides, any cat parent knows that if someone can’t handle our love for felines, they aren’t worth our time anyway.

Cats are cold-hearted, therefore you are also cold-hearted.

I'm over here trying to I sleep and mom is snapping selfies

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It turns out that both halves of this statement are false. “My cats are the most lovable little things,” Andreea says. “They like to snuggle. I wake up with Smushball on my legs every morning!” Though some cats are not as affectionate, most kitties have their moments. The same goes for their humans!

You are totally crazy.

“All women seem crazy because guys don’t understand [us],” Andreea says. “If only you could read our minds then everything would be fine.”

Are we cat parents crazy about our cats? Yes. Are we crazy in general? Well…usually, no.

Your cats don’t do anything but sleep all day.

Ugh 😒 it's so early @smushball , let me sleep! 😴😴😴

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“My cats are full-time Instagram cats!” Andreea says. “Smushball is busy with her cat line [which is] coming out soon, and Penelope is busy napping in between taking photos for her [Instagram].” Sounds like Andreea’s kitties are just as talented at multi-tasking as she is!

For cats, food, travel, fashion, and general fabulousness, you can check out Andreea’s blog at, and follow her fur kids on Instagram at @smushball and @little_penelope_.

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