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How to Plan the Purrfect Valentine’s Day with Your Cat

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Image: Kabo Foods

Close your eyes. Now, imagine your ideal Valentine’s Day. If you’re envisioning cuddling your cats on the sofa while bingeing Netflix and cinnamon hearts, you are definitely not alone. Our cats are the true loves of our lives, after all.

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, here’s how to plan the ultimate night in with your kitties this Valentine’s Day.

Dress for the occasion

Make sure to wear something comfy, in a colour that emphasizes any loose cat fur. The only one you’re dressing to impress here are your cats, and they’ll love to see that they’ve marked their territory.

Pop open some wine

If you’re enjoying a glass of vino, your cat doesn’t have to miss out! Treat kitty to Apollo Peak’s cat-friendly Pinot Meow and pair with some charcaterie, if you’re feline really fancy.

Have a snuggle-a-thon

Image: Severin Demchuk

If your cat isn’t the cuddly type, who knows? Maybe in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, they will be overcome with the fuzzies. Maybe, just maybe, they even will let you touch their toe beans for once.

Give them a gift they won’t furget

What better way to express your love than with a monthly or bi-monthly meowbox of fun, themed toys and delicious treats?

Reflect on your relationship so far

Take a trip down memory lane and look back on photos from when you first adopted your cats. Remember when they were so tiny, you could scoop them up with one hand? Throughout the months and years, your love only grew. Maybe they wake you up by racing around the house at 4 am, or occasionally throw up a hairball near your pillow after they smelled other cats on your clothes, but admit it: you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Image: Jonas Vincent

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