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Cat Chic Week 2: Anastasia Thrift, Laura Doering and Julie Mignery

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Welcome to Week 2 of the Caturday Cat Chic series! This series aims to debunk, air out and challenge stereotypes about people who love cats. As we showed you last week, some savvy, nonconforming cat lovers have even found a way to build a career out of these finicky furballs. They’re living proof that cats are capable of more than just companionship and comic relief – they’re also pretty good at playing the role of “creative muse”.

Meet Anastasia Thrift, Laura Doering and Julie Mignery. These three lovely ladies write for and contribute to CAT FANCY Magazine and Their readership relies on them to provide expert advice on cat care, health issue, products and innovative training techniques. If it involves cats, chances are one of these gals knows a thing or two about it. With three cats between them, a lot of what they write about comes from firsthand experience.

Though familiar with the cat lady stereotype, they seem to shrug it off as an irrelevant myth that doesn’t fit with who they are. When asked to comment on where she lands on the nerdy, crazy and introverted scale, Julie stated: “I would say that my cat likes to do things like nap and hang out and read. She’s not interested in things like going to see bands and going to see art so I get to enjoy those things - but when I’m tired I get to come home and nap with her.” For her part, Anastasia addressed the stereotype by glancing around the room and stating simply: “A lot of people at this party are cat people, enjoying themselves, being social.”

Simple truths. Cat people do stuff outside in the real world and can even mingle seamlessly with non-cat people. And when they go home, they often like to hang out with their cats. How crazy is that?

Laura Doering, Julie Mignery and the far right is Anastasia Thrift
Laura Doering, Julie Mignery and the far right is Anastasia Thrift.

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