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Our Top 8 Favourite Foster Kitty Instagram Accounts

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What’s better than scrolling through pictures of cute kittens on Instagram? Scrolling through pictures of adoptable cute kittens on Instagram! We are big believers of “adopt, don’t shop”, and we’re no strangers to fostering cats here at meowbox (read about the litter of kittens we fostered here). We love to support individuals and organizations that are passionate about cat welfare - and it’s even better if we get to look at cute kitty pictures while doing so! Here’s a list of our favourite foster cat and kitten Instagram accounts. We love that these Instagrammers are supporters of #adoptdontshop, and we also love the copious amount of kitten pictures they share. Come for the kittens, but stay to support these lovely kitty foster parents!


If you like to watch kittens in action, follow @KellyFosterKittens. She posts tons of pictures and videos of her foster kittens napping, meowing, playing, and being their sassy, rambunctious selves. She has a knack for catching kittens in their most adorable moments!


@Kitty_fostering_oz is literally kitten heaven. They’re based out of Melbourne, Australia, and might just have the cutest Instagram page you have ever seen. We don’t know how they manage to get so many squeal-inducing photos and videos of kittens, but they just do.


If you love kitten group shots, @VeggieDayz is the place to go. Seriously, it’s amazing how much cuteness they manage to squeeze into one picture! @VeggieDayz is based out of Philadelphia, and all of their kittens are fostered through Providence Animal Shelter.


@WhiskersnPurrs is run by kitty foster mom Kristi from her home in Vancouver Island, British Columbia. She posts detailed captions, documenting each step of her foster journey, as well as plenty of #tbt and update posts. Kristi gives amazing insight into what it is like to be a kitty foster parent.


This Instagram account definitely lives up to its name: it has plenty of kitty fur baby pictures and videos to go around. @Foster_furbabies is the place to get your floofy kitten fix.


@Purrminators posts some seriously #aesthetic photos of cats and kittens. Her photos are not only adorable, they’re gorgeous. Foster mom, Brechje, runs @purrminators from the Netherlands. She started it as a way to share photos of her foster kittens without spamming all her friends, but she now sees her Instagram account as a way to inspire others to foster.


We’ve talked a lot about kittens, but @fostercatsandkittens gives cats some much deserved attention as well. There are still plenty of kitten posts, but foster mom Danielle also posts about fostering cats, socializing ferals, and her trap-neuter-return efforts.


If you love looking at cats on Instagram, you’ve probably already come across Hannah Shaw. Her project, Kitten Lady, strives to rescue kittens and educate people about neonatal kitten care. She posts about her kitten rescue and advocacy efforts on her Instagram account to over 600,000 followers. She is a kitty foster mom powerhouse!

The second best part of following these Instagram accounts is knowing that you are supporting these kitty foster parents and adoption advocates. But, of course, the best part of following these Instagram accounts is all of the adorable cat photos!

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